(i) Register and de—register primary Cooperative societies;

(ii) Register by laws of primary Cooperative societies and their amendments;

(iii) Register legal mortgages, debentures, letter of hypothecation, charges and contracts involving primary Cooperative societies;

(iv) Scrutinize applications for registration of affiliated Cooperative societies and make appropriate recommendations to the Registrar of Cooperative societies;

(v) Initiate and make follow up of liquidation process of the primary Cooperative societies;

(vi) Institution amalgamation, division and cancellation of primary cooperative societies

(vii) Undertake and monitor election and vetting process of leaders of primary Cooperative societies;

(viii) Advise Registrar on leaders to be vetted for Affiliated Cooperative Societies;

(ix) Collect and monitor payments of registration fees and penalties from primary cooperative societies;

(x) Review and settle complaints and disputes of primary Cooperative societies;

(xi) Provide support and make follow up on cases involving primary Cooperative societies as well as advise Registrar on the cases involving the Affiliated Cooperative Societies;

(xii) Submit relevant periodic reports or information pertaining to implementation of cooperative legal and registration activities in the district to the Registrar;

(xiii) Implement guideline on registration, de—registration and disputes settlement of cooperative societies as submitted by the Commission;

(xiv) lnterpret cooperative Legislation to primary cooperative societies;

(xv) Ensure primary cooperative societies comply to cooperative Legislation;

(xvi) Initiate prosecution of cases involving primary cooperative societies;

(xvii) Supervise implementation of orders, circulars, notices and directives to primary cooperative societies and members;

(xviii) Review and approve annual income and expenditure estimates and maximum liability of primary Cooperative societies;

(xix) Prepare and maintain inventory of qualified external auditors for primary cooperative societies and submit to the Registrar;

(xx) Analyze and approve strategic and business plans of the primary cooperative societies;

(xxi) Ensure that external auditors for cooperative societies submit audited reports to the Registrar before presentation to Annual General Meeting;

(xxii) Submit to the Registrar relevant periodic reports or information pertaining to implementation of cooperative inspection and supervision activities;

(xxiii) Require registered SACCOS to furnish supervisory off—site reports, financial and statistical reports;

(xxiv) Ensure protection of members shares, assets and good governance;

(xxv) Submit relevant periodic reports or information pertaining to implementation of financial cooperative regulatory activities in the region to the Registrar.