The Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission is established by the Cooperative Societies Act No. 6 of 2013 and is mandated to regulate and promote development of cooperative sector.

Roles and Functions
The roles of the Commission are to regulate and promote development of the cooperative sector through carrying out the following functions:-

For the Purposes of Regulating Cooperative Societies, the functions of the Commission shall be to:
(i) To register and deregister cooperative societies;
(ii) To inspect and supervise cooperative societies;
(iii) To keep and maintain the register of cooperative societies;
(iv) To publish names of registered or de-registered societies in the Gazette;
(v) To determine disputes and complaints arising from cooperative societies;
(vi) To collaborate with Regional Secretariats (RSs) and Local Government Authorities (LGAs) on the implementation of regulatory functions of cooperative development; and
(vii) To supervise the performance of such other regulatory functions as may be required in accordance with the provisions of the Cooperative Societies Act.

For the purposes of promoting development of cooperative sector the functions of the Commission shall be to:
(i) To supervise, coordinate and collaborate with sectorial ministries, Local Government Authorities and such other stakeholders undertaking cooperative promotional responsibilities;
(ii) To raise awareness to the general public, youth and other groups on the nature and benefits of cooperative societies;
(iii) To promote and encourage the development of viable and sustainable cooperative societies;
(iv) To facilitate the formation of cooperative societies which are accountable to their members and communities;
(v) To provide education and training to members and staff of cooperative societies pertaining to cooperative management;
(vi) To advise the Minister on all matters relating to cooperative development and management;
(vii) To provide services designed to assist in the formation, management, organisation and operation of societies;
(viii) To coordinate the economic plans of cooperative societies for the incorporation in the national plan;
(ix) T0 implement or cause to be implemented policies on the cooperative development;
(x) To facilitate and enhance linkages among stakeholders both locally and internationally;
(xi) To create conducive environment for the cooperative movement networking in the areas of production, processing, marketing, financing and investment;
(xii) To maintain and disseminate or cause to be disseminated the information relating to cooperatives and cooperative development to stakeholders;
(xiii) To conduct research as may be necessary for the development of cooperative societies;
(xiv) To advise primary societies, secondary societies or other categories of cooperative societies on the formation of federation of cooperative societies; and
(xv) To ensure that the federation formed, provides, organizes and supervises effective centralized services for the members.