The Section will perform the following activities;

(i) Identify and recommend areas that require review on Policies, Act, Regulations and Guidelines on marketing and investment of cooperative societies and monitor their implementation;

(ii) Collaborate with sector Ministries, RAs, LGAs and other stakeholders to assist cooperative societies to produce market led goods and services;

(iii) Facilitate and foster cooperative societies participation in appropriate marketing systems such as warehouse receipt and commodity exchange;

(iv) Collaborate with sector Ministries, LGAs and other stakeholders on development of marketing and investment strategies for cooperative societies;

(v) Collaborate with Sector Ministries LGAs and other stakeholders in promoting business, capital mobilization and entrepreneurial culture in cooperative societies;

(vi) Coordinate inter—Iending among cooperative societies and linkages with financial institutions;

(vii) Provide linkages with cooperative Societies to various institutions such as insurance and social security institutions;

(viii) Advise cooperative societies to invest in viable and sustainable business ventures;

(ix) Coordinate, monitor and evaluate on cooperative societies capital mobilization and investment;

(x) Develop systems for collecting and consolidation of cooperative marketing and investment information;

(xi) Prepare and issue guidelines for cooperative societies participation in local and international markets; and

(xii) Prepare and issue guidelines on development of business and strategic plans in fostering cooperative societies development and monitor their implementation.