(i) Ensure compliance of licensed SACCOS to Cooperative societies Legislation;

(ii) Issue license to qualified SACCOS;

(iii) Perform off—site and on—site supervision of Licensed SACCOS;

(iv) Approve licensed SACCOS branch formation and relocation of business places;

(v) Approve the Licensed SACCOS to open or operate agencies or outlets;

(vi) Place Licensed SACCOS under statutory management for non- compliance with relevant legislation; (vii) Administer supervisory sanctions or penalties for non-compliant Licensed SACCOS with relevant legislation;

(viii) Recommend on appointment of board members of cooperative banks;

(ix) Provide advisory and technical support to the cooperative banks;

(x) Liaise with the Bank of Tanzania and other relevant authorities on performance of cooperative banks and licensed SACCOS;

(xi) ldentify and recommend areas that require review on Policies, Act, Regulations and Guidelines on registered SACCOS and monitor their implementation;

(xii) Oversee enforcement of SACCOS Regulations and ensure their compliance;

(xiii) Oversee off—site and on—site supervision of registered SACCOS;

(xiv) Oversee enforcement of supervision sanctions or penalties to non- complying registered SACCOS;

(xv) Coordinate collection of off-site and on—site supervisory reports of registered SACCOS;

(xvi) Monitor members’ shares, assets protection and good governance; and

(xvii) Oversee accounts and operations of liquidators of registered SACCOS.